Chaparral Mail Order--Horrible customer service BE AWARE

Chaparral may have good prices but their customer service is worse than any other business I've dealt with in years.

I ordered over 800.00 worth of gear/parts and they felt the need for me to fax a copy of my credit card to them. I have ordered from them before with no problems. That's why I chose them when placing this rather costly order. They were very rude and unwilling to help me. I have no problem taking my business elsewhere. If you choose to do business with them, BE CAREFUL. I don't think they will be very helpful if you ever have a problem with them. They must not need our business.... :)


2001 wr250f Scotts Damper, pro tapers, throttle stop removed, baffle removed, yz timing, dunlop 756's, stock jetting, bars cut 1 1/2 inch each side, bark busters God Bless


Your experience with Chapparal is a common one these days. Both in the store and for catalog -- customer service is their lowest priority. I live near the store, and do business there when I have to -- but I always cringe when I go through the door. Rude, inconsiderate behavior is the norm there, although there are one or two nice folks as well. Buyer beware, as the old saying goes!

The other half adds: Catalog items are ordered a month before a birthday/Christmas, and many times they never arrive in time. She's been known to stand in the parts and/or checkout lines for upwards of an hour at a time - - - they don't staff their store appropriately!!

I have both Chaparral and Bob's cycle catalogs, and Bob's has better prices. I have ordered from Bob's and had no problems.


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