520 SX - Broken Rear Spokes

Just snapped another rear wheel spoke -- I believe this is the 5th one in about 4 months -- anyone else having problems with spokes on the 520/400 RFS bikes?

I'm going to replace all the spokes with some HD aftermarket spokes and nipples just to try an eliminate this issue -- I'm assuming that KTM must have a problem with their spokes.

Any thoughts would help - thanks



I've never had a problem with my spokes on my Y2K 520 exc. I don't know anyone who has had problems with KTM spokes.

Did you over tighten them?

Loose spokes can break also.

Thanks for the input guys -- I broke (2) rear spokes on the first or second ride on the bike. Since then I've checked the spokes to ensure that they are not loose and I may be overtighted them in the process.

I'm going to get a spoke torque wrench and reset the spokes and see if this stops the issues.

I'll let you know.


I check the tension on my spokes regularly and still I broke a front spoke. I have talked with other KTM owners and they have had the same problems.


01 400 MXC

00 XR400

There is a problem with KTM spokes with an "A" stamped on the head. There are lots of people breaking them. I've broke 2 on front, just broke 1 on back this weekend at China Hat. I've rode KTM's since 1990 and had never broke a spoke before my new bike. (520 MXC). They went from nickel-plated to chrome-plated and the heat treat is different enough to make them brittle.

I've talked to several dealers and the best fix is Buchanan spokes.

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