Dr. D exhausts...or any other suggestions?

To those that have them, how do you like them and where did you purchase? Trying to decide between Dr. D vs Powercore vs ProCircuit 496.


Dr D is crap in my opinion, there are many better systems out there.

Procircuit has always been one of my favorates, I have a Ti GP system on mine and

it is one of the best systems on the market and is truly a work of art. It is really

aggressive off bottom, adds a heap of punch through mid and a bit on top. The only

thing is that it is loud. Really loud. I love loud but many people don't.

The 496 is a great pipe and I am thinking about getting one for my girl's bike. The

Yamaha GYTR pipes are great also and not as loud as the procircuit Ti GP but are louder than 496.

I don't know too much about the fmf pipes, except my expierences haven't been the best and I think their quality is down on Procircuit.

White bro's make good pipes with the carbon and aluminium pro being the top of the line.

Wow that is wierd I havn't heard to many negatives about Dr. D. I for sure don't want loud, so the Ti GP is out of the picture. I would be getting the quiet inserts for any pipe I got.

I have heard great things about Dr. D. I love my exhaust, but it is fairly loud. See sig

I just put a DR. D. on my bike. I like it and its not really loud. Here in Ca. they are really monitoring noise. I got it from Motosport Outlet, they had the best price and I had it in two days. It fit right up and looks to be a quality piece. I liked how the spark arrestor portion was large and didn't restrict the flow.

GLocksrock [like that screen name :D ]- are you currently running an aftermarket insert in your stock exhaust?

To those that have them, how do you like them and where did you purchase? Trying to decide between Dr. D vs Powercore vs ProCircuit 496.


I just got my Dr D. Based on lots of positive response from this site. As well as the fact it is not too loud. I don't want to piss of the neighbors. Hopefully I will get it installed today.

I purchased it from Motofrugals.com. I STRONGLY reccomend AGAINST them. Very bad customer service. They charged my credit card almost a month before they shipped my pipe. First they said it was shipped, a week later it didn't show. I asked for a tracking number at least five times before they first gave the wrong number, then, finally the correct one. :D:D

Two weeks ago there was a round of the Canadian MX nationals held five minutes from my place. I went there and volunteered as a flagman.

Way over half of the RMZ and YZF raced by pros were equiped either with DrDs or FMF Factory 4.

I can't deny the factory four seem to work fine.... but how loud!!!! But you guys need to hear those RMZ450 with the DrD. It was soooo sweeet :D

I put the Pro Circuit 496 on my 04 YZ450. It mellowed out the nasty arm ripping low end hit but did not change mid and high end performance plus it made it much quieter. The bike is alot more enjoyable to ride now. :D

Being that i ride in Calif it complies with forestry and noise requirements. I also did not have to rejet and it was a very quick and clean bolt on. :D

Downside is that it hangs much further out the back which exposes it to damage during a crash. :D

Yeah right now I'm running the stock pipe with gytr insert. Sounds really weak.

Hey I have a 05 WR 450 i have the DR D and would highly recommend it,The stock 450 to me has very little botttom end.now ive done alot of mods but the pipe was the first and easily noticeable.My racing buddy has a YZF 450 stands up crazy in 2nd gear.we put my pipe on and it pulled that hard in 3rd trying to loop and halfway into 4th.the DR D made it pull as hard on bottom through midrange a gear taller.I know where I would spend my money again...!!! DR D..

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