High Altitude Jetting 400EXC

Hey Guys,

I am going off to Colorado in a few weeks and was looking to see what some people are running on their stock 400EXCs. I will be in the Crested Butte area 8000-10,000 feet.

Thanks in advance

I ride C.B. all the time. I dropped the main to 168 lowered the needle 2 positions from stock and went to 1 turn out on the fuel screw. This works very well. E-mail me if you need a tour guide.



400JY: Have you experimented with the EMP needle? I also ride in Colorado and plan to try the JD jetting (EMP#3, 165 main) on my 400. Was wondering if anyone has tried it on the 400 yet...

I have not tried the EMP needle. From what James Dean says this needle is for mostly sea level use.He has not recommened any thing for high altitude yet. My bike runs very well considering that I ride at 8-12000 feet.



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