Real Friends?

Real friends keep you in line. Real friends know what decision you should make, when your thinking may be flawed. Real friends think of your future, not the next 10 minutes. Real friends WON'T sell you out for money or sex (with your Wife or Girlfriend). Real friends will watch out for you, when you cannot. Real friends cannot be bought, for ALL the money in the world.

I have learned an awful lesson over and over in life. Friendship has it's limits, where someone will screw you in a heartbeat, to profit off of it.

If I may, I would like to commend one of our Thumpertalk members...Mike68. The Dude is true throughout. I cannot commend him enough for being a decent person, one that I can proudly say is a really great person. He really is. He will tell you flat out what he thinks, with no sugar coating. If you are AFU, he'll tell you so. The Dude is really something else. As I, he served in the military. I, in the Navy, and he in the AirForce. I have never had the caliber of friends I had in the Navy. These guys were closer than brothers. Hell, I was on a submarine w/ these guys. And no, it wasn't 150 guys go down, and 75 couples come back!!! Out here in Civ-Lant (what we called the civilian world), people will turn on you to profit in any way possible. This really does blow. What happened to decency, to loyalty, to integrity, to being a good person?

Yeah, I have had too much to drink. I am drinking two Sam Adams simutaneously, right now. I am trying my best to shut out reality as best as I can. I use to be so carefree, a really good kid. Basically a bubblegum, goody-two-shoes kid. Now I am paranoid and suspicious of friendly people. Not any of you guys, but of my "friends" here in NH.

Sorry guys for showing a part of me I normally bury.

Why does life have to be so difficult?

Give me a MX track [bud's Creek], some limitless good friends, 70F with low humidity, and a case of Sam Adams to drink around the campfire while re-telling the days stories...And I'd be in Heaven! (plus make my WR 225#, with killer bottom end torque I don't have to re-jet for 3 years to achieve). :)

Hang in there. A TRUE friend will always be there when the going gets tough.


yes, real friends are very hard to come by. I have had alot of friends but only one or two really true friends who tell it like it is all the time, not just when it suits thier own private agenda. I too have felt pain and dissapointment when people I have trusted screwed me over for really stupid gains (girlfriends,money,etc). Keep your good friends close and lean on them when you need to, real friends wont mind! If you ever have the chance to come out to the Seattle area I would like to extend an invitation to show you around and introduce you to a very different pace from the east coast, that is if a change of scenery is in your future. Hang in there, and lean on those people you can trust! Good luck.


Sounds like someone needs a vacation - ok, vacation isn't the correct term. Maybe a sabatical.

Kevin - it's amazing what a few miles of separation can do for your perception. Take a road trip with the kids, come to CA and hang with Howard Medium, Mike in Silicon Valley & myself for few days w/o the kids if you need get away from everybody. There's a dual sport in San Luis Obispo on April 8th - come on out, there's an XR250 with your name on it. Might even let you ride my WR if you promise not to roost me like you did at Moab.



No more squaring off sand berms when your buddy is behind you...With no goggles! (but it is really fun!) :)

I AM smiling now!!

You will always know who your true friends are. They are the ones who step forward when everyone else is looking at their shoes. A true friend is one who will tell you to look up when you are looking at your shoes.

A true friend is the one who will stand behind you, without a dagger in his hand. He is also the one who is standing behind you, to push you when you need it, but will always be there to catch you, offer guidance or just listen, when you need it.

Check your email Kevin and use the number.



You can ride in my submarine anytime you want........ :)


Sorry you're feeling so low dude! Sounds like you need some saddle time on some tight trails. Better times are ahead my friend, if there is anything I could do to help -mail me!

Things always look better in the springtime! :)

Kevin, hang in there. Life is full of ups and downs. Friends will come and go only a few friendships will last forever. I'm pushing 50 and still haven't figured it out completely either. But like you I am fortunate to have some real friends. And still get dissapointed by people from time to time. But the fact that you even cared to mention it suggest that you have character which is lacking in a lot of people. PM

I can top them all...

My riding partner is a 25 year friend. When I talked him into us getting bikes 3 years ago, we went down and bought 2 brand-new 1996 XR250's. He even paid cash for both of them, and I paid him back later that year.

Well...he and his wife moved to San Diego 18 months ago (from Portland, OR). He sold his XR and I did the same. Not long after selling his XR he bought a nice '99 WR400 and rubbed-it in that he was still riding and I was not. So what I did was get him an interview with a manager at a local high-tech company, and to make a long story short, he and his wife (and new baby) are now back in Portland.

So...the past month he's been hounding me to get a WR, but I was saving my pennies and was going to wait until summer and pay cash for one like his.

Well...not being patient, he cleared it with his wife and went out and bought me a 2001 WR426! :) Of course, I'll be paying him back, but that is a true that will defy all laws of marriage and buy his best friend a $6000 dirtbike.

I have the best friend, and riding partner, in the world...and am looking forward to another 25 years of riding with him! Thanks Bryan! :D


2001 WR426

I didn't want to, but I am out of the house as of this morning. I hope Mike68 doesn't mind some company this week...???

Does this road trip include a stay over on the left coast?

Does this road trip include a stay over on the left coast?

Not to rub it in (seriously) but Anja & I went to Middle Creek yesterday - low 70s a little snow left on the north facing slopes - rode about 35 miles, mostly fire roads but had a few miles of good single track.

Kevin my KX500 needs a rider - you up for it or what?



I know it hurts like hell right now (from experience,) but sometimes you need to step away from a situation to see things more clearly. However things turn out, know that you have a bunch of guys here that will support your decision...unconditionally.


Thanks for the words. I am going out today to get kev one of those black and white maid outfits, a new vacuume and a step ladder for doing the windows. If anyone wishes to get in touch with Kev this week, send me an e-mail and I'll send you my phone #. it didn't take long for Kev to stretch out on the couch and start dozing. Time away from the ball and chain is a good idea. I have no kids and it's real quiet at my place, so it is a good place to catch up from all those sleepless nights.


sclaus.....wanna lend me your friend??? hehehehe thats classic. I love it.

Come to think of it I have made some of my best friends from these bulletin boards...namely the one here in Oz @

I've learned-

That money is a lousy way of keeping score.

I've learned that my best friend and I can do anything Or nothing and have the best of times.

I've learned-

That even when you think you have no more

To give, when a friend cries out to you,

You will find them strength to help.

But most importantly

I've learned-

That two friends can look at the exact

Same thing and see something totally


now wheres my mates.. I wanna go riding!

Life deals you lemons make lemonade? I too am going through a curve ball in life. Not anything compared to you... true friends help us throgh the difficult times and enjoy with us the best of times.

bottoms up, huge

It is very nice having doors opening that I never knew existed. Mike68, Bill H., Ted in Mass, Brian, Shortstuff :) Mike in S.V., Howard Small, Bryan H., Jakester, and all you guys. When in Moab, I was nothing but impressed with the quality of guys TT has found...all based on a motorcycle. Who'da thunk??

When I feel myself falling, I just punch up TT and see Team Effort by everyone for answers, advice, just BS'ing, personal, professional and technical support.

Bryan H., did you ever imagine what ThumperTalk would become, a haven for people to flock to!!


As Mitch would say, I really love all you guys, and not the way Shortstuff Mike might prefer. I am monogamous to myself! :D


Kevin :D

[This message has been edited by NH Kevin (edited 03-24-2001).]

Don't forget us guys that couldn't make it to Moab that are also on your side.

Hang in there, and remember: the valleys are what make you appreciate the peaks.


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