Sick of motocross - anyone agree??

This is going to be a venting post...but in the hopes of finding I'm not the only one, and hopefully trying to change things. This is posted in the YZ forum too...

I am sick and tired of motocross!! It is pathetic nowadays!! You pay 30 dollars (35 in our case) and if your lucky, you get 10 laps throughout the day, which equals about 15 mintues!! What a rip-off!

I used to race motocross in 1999 when I first got my KX250, and my dad did too. It was our first year of racing - so we were excited to do it. Throughout the year, we became more and mroe frustrated with the riding time...the tracks, and the way they are managed. The riders are treated like crap.

I want to say that they need LESS CLASSES!!!!! The tracks have something like 20-25 "motos" and obviously 2 motos each class. Now...if each class took 15 mintues until the last person got off the track, thats a minimum of 5 hours for the first round of motos. It was not uncommon for us to get to the track at 10 am, and not leave until 7-8 at night!! Thats insane for 8 racing laps and 2 practice laps - and 35 bucks!

You don't need a 125A, 125B, 125C, 250A, 250B, 250C, 80cc, 85cc, VetA, VetB, VetC, Schoolboy, College boy, equal as many quad classes, and Minis, and Super Minis!!!!!!!!! Combine the freaking classes!

Run quads on Saturday, bikes on Sunday (or vice versa).

Also, these 4 lap motos are pathetic. Go to half hour + 2 laps like it used to be in the 70's. Back when it was a real tough sport - not a 4 lap sprint.

Track maintenace is PATHETIC!! Here, Sleepy Hollow and Pine Grove are TERRIBLE in their track maintenance. Back in 2000 there, dad and I went to Sleepy Hollow, and we had just had the remnants of a major thunderstorm the night before. Dumped I think 4 inches of rain! Well, the boneheads were out watering the track before a single bike or quad TOUCHED the track!!! It was so muddy, they cut off almost 1/4 of the track (it was unridable) and guess what....they watered it after the first set of motos. Almost 75% of the quads and minis were STUCK in the first turn, and even the big bikes had trouble making it through. When we as the riders complained...the one "official" just told us "This IS motocross...". What a bunch of BS!! Motocross was 30 minute motos, fairly well maintained traccks, NOT riding through a MUD HOLE for 35 dollars and 10 hours of time to get 8 laps!!!!!!!!!!!!

We no longer will race motocross. It is an insult to the sport anymore. We run Hare Scrambles here at Pine Grove, and love them. 2 hours of RACING is worth it. The track is obviously not "maintained" as it is 5 miles long....but it makes it nice. When it rains...we like it even more.

A word to motocross promoters, and teh AMA if need be....CUT THE CRAP with amateur motocross. This is a SPORT, lets make it back into one.


'01 520 SX

now I know I'm gonna piss people off here but.....I'm a woods rider, I race enduro, and hare scrables (gncc), some of my friends are moto-x guys, ya know the ones with the spotless bikes, no scratches in the plastic, if they drop it, they buy a new bike kinda guys, they all bust balls, saying stuff like... What do you guys do in the woods, feed the animals, and plant flowers?

Yet not one of these glamour boys will ever come ride in the rock-infested woods by my house. So every year I meet them at unadilla to do their thing. of course I take a spanking up there, but at the end of 2 15 minutes moto's and the whole day is shot, I just look at them and ask....What do you moto-cross guys do with the rest of your energy?

if you want to ride for hours, if you want to feel like you've done something all day, if you can take it...ride off road, be it enduro, harescrables, or hare and hound, 35 bucks will get you at least 3 hours of hard riding, and sometimes a good case of monkey-but, some scratched plastic, some bruises, blisters, and a big big smile!

I like motocross, but not the 4 lap sprints. That stinks. Half hour motos...and I'd be happy. That's when it gets tough....30 mintues of all you can dish out. As a Hare Scrambler...I have almost fallen off the bike with exhaustion. Motocross, yeah, I've come off of 4 laps being exhausted, but after half an hour, your fine. I've never been sore for 3 days after a motocross a Hare Scramble, yeah. When I go to the practice areas (Jack Frost/Poconos, Rausch Creek, and such) And if anyone else does....look for 523 on a KTM 520SX. I'm out there for usually an hour or so straight. Come in, get a drink of water, mabey do a quick suspention change, and I'm back half hour breaks....5 minutes MAX.

I like the fast guys...I know I can be dusted in speed, I'm no Charmichael...but they only seem to be able to ride for 20 minutes then they need to come in. I find it funny.

Another thing...I asked why they put down this garbage pine crap. I was told it's because people like 5 lines in a turn, not just one like a hardpack. I say - thats what makes you good. FIND YOUR OWN LINE AROUND ME!! I'll find my own around you!! WHy do you need one made for you?? I used to race mountain bikes....and i NEVER expected a line made for me to pass, or someone to move over for me. If I am so much better, I will FIND a way to pass. I don't need one given to me. I used to routinely go OFF THE COURSE into the rocks, trees, and brush to make a pass, I NEVER expected someone to move over for me. If I wasn't good enough to go off the beaten path and push myself to the limit....I wasn't good enough to make the pass. I was, and I did.

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Why so many classes? Because the whinners that race need that plaque/award for thier little ego trip. Face it if they can't get something for nothing they don't want to play. Thats why promoters have to have so many classes. I raced a Saturday night MX recently, just like your there were 20-25 classes. I left at midnight, I was lucky, some didn't get out 'till 1:30-2:00 in the morning. But lots of awards; ooooh boy! :)

Give me the woods,rock and 2-3 hours harescrambles.

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