Starter motor case pin failure...

Hey Concho sorry to hear of your awfull dilema I am sincerly beside myself.

I dont know what advice I can offer you but I would guess it is the o-ring and try that cus its a cheap fix.

As far as the dealer thing I think you are S**t outa luck and for that I'm truely sorry.

It's hard to imagine that a bike with a warranty can cause so many headaches.

I would take it to the shop i bought it from and would not take it back untill it is fixed. have you tried cutting some of the rad guard fins away to get increased air flow to the rads as a measure to decrease excess heat?

if you are having trouble with hight temp make sure you replace those ktm hose clamps with ones from your local hardware store.

try not to let this get you down ......sounds like you got a blem?

start with the small things then look at the big,and i'll see what I can find out.

Hey Concho,

I've found a forum in Canada here and its called

its a ktm dealer and they really know thier stuff.....give them a try!


I'm wondering if I'm alone in the following situation. On my initial break in ride I broke off the starter gear pin from the case. Under the starter motor is a saftey bolt that threads into the pin that holds the case starter gears. This bolt backed out on me within the first 20 miles of operation and sheared the pin from the case and locked the gears. This bolt is not in the spare parts manual and can't be purchased from your local dealer.

I stopped on the trail to take a break and to bs with my buddy when I noticed oil all down the left side of my engine. I was in a sandpit close to my truck and the bike had run great up to that point so I tried to limp it back to the truck. When I went to start the bike it started to start then clunk clunk clunk. I tried the kickstarter and it was locked solid. Man! What a crappy feeling. Brand new $7000 bike breaks on the very first ride.

Well, 8 weeks later I got my engine back from KTMUSA and I've been fighting overheating, weeping waterpumps, starter motor splooge, possible cam bearing problems, and friendly dealer indifferance since. My local dealer doesn't seemed too concerned about helping me out warranty wise since I bought the bike elsewhere. Hell, living in a city with 4 million people I had to buy the bike elsewhere just to get one. All things being equal I would of prefered not making the 20 hour Dallas/New Orleans roundtrip.

Currently I'm experiecing what looks to be an oil splooge from under the starter motor. In the parts break down, I see an O-ring on the end of the starter motor. I'm wondering if this oring is cooked from my overheating problems. Has anyone taken off the starter motor for any reason. Any gotchas?

I've ordered the shop manual but I'm waiting for its arrival.




Thanks for the link to an excellent site. I spent about 1/2 hour checking out several areas of info. I printed off the "Must Do" for future reference and added it to my to do list.




If your local dealer wont take care of warranty issues call KTM and let them know. I bet they will be really interested.


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