WR 450 Maintenance

Got lazy tonight- just did 2 bolts again, at 182 miles, oil looked great. Anyone know how much I am missing not draining other ones?

Not enough to worry about! I only do the 2 bolts too but I change oil filter every time. I change my oil every 500kms. Mine always looks good, it has lost that metallic shimmer it had when new.

over 2000 fast desert miles on mine.checked the valves at 500 miles,ok,again at 1000,&1500.right dead in the middle of spec.absolutely no failures to date.i change the oil after every "weekend"ride,n its allways clean

I am a newb to the WR and was wondering, does the WR use its oil to lubricate the tranny as well as the motor?


Here ya go CRF mooks.

I just did a quick search on Transmission Problems in JUST the CRF 450x/r forum. :applause:

82 threads. :cry:

The first page has 13 threads about real transmission problems, gears out, seals leaking etc. :bonk:

It's all a myth, just like the mythical valve problems :cry:

Hi I have done the move from XR 400 to WR450 (03). Very happy man. :bonk: The bikes are very different better shocks more power, less weight, electric start. The oil needs changing more often but thats not a hard task. I also just use the 2 drains. Just change the oil regularly and ride Blue.

I have no regrets selling the XR and buying the WR :applause:

i 3rd that :applause:


o4 WR450

04 crf150

the xr needs to be updated. i was in the same boat, xr650 or wr450. decided to go with new tech. plus all my buddies ride 650s, gotta be different!! both excellent bikes.
Yep. The XR is the still the same bike that debuted in 2000. Both good bikes but the WR has seen numerous updates and has been well developed over the years. Rumors abound about an upcoming (XR-like) CRF600X...but a next generaion perimeter frame WR450 should be equally appealing. We'll see.

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