Turn signals: 650L stay on, no flash...

Hi, first problem on my bike and its electrical, oh well. Anyways, my turn signals light up but dont flash on and off. The relay works and all the bulbs are good, whats the next thing to check for? I just installed a UFO under the fender tail light w/turn signals too and all the wiring was done one piece at a time so I know that is good, even checked it twice. If anyone knows of anything please let me know! Thanks everyone!!!! :D

PS: just did a search after writing this and found that the lower wattage bulbs might not be pulling enough current to trip the flasher, this sound right?

after I changed my front turn signals to a smaller pair of aftermarket lamps, sometimes they would just light up and not flash, unless the engine was running, then they always work fine ... guess they just needed that extra little bit of current ... I'm no electrical whiz, so I can't explain why, but mine just seems to need a full-charge from the battery to trip the flasher unit ...

you may have fitted bulbs with lower wattage, this will make the indicators stay on.

The fix is to fit bigger wattage bulbs (of course), or small resistors in parallel with the indicators, or a low Wattage electronic (solid state) flasher unit.

Hope this helps.

deff helps! Where can u get an electronic flasher from? thanks!

Edit: just put on an electronic flasher and problem solved! thanks everyone!

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