XR650L IMS 4.0 gal tank: They mount the pepcock how?!?

Well, Im in the process of doing an all black supermotard version of my 650l and just got my tank today... Go to mount it and read the directions over to find out that they use a piece of rubber to mount the pepcock on to the tank! Your supose to thread the nut on the rubber piece and just bolt it on, well I did just as it said and I could pull the frekin' pepcock right off it no problems!! If I would have left it alone and just rode it, it prob would have fallen of from the pot holes or what not... Im calling IMS tomorrow to see if they have a reliable fix or they're getting it back and Im not gonna pay that 10% restocking BS fee either.

Has anyone else who has the same tank or whatever uses this same style not thought its about the crappiest was to mount the pepcock? Let me know b/c Im curious how long it lasts before leaking or just plain old falling off. Does the clarke use this method? Thanks for any insight!


I have the IMS 4.0 gal. tank, and mine bolted up just fine ... its been awhile, but I do remember they warn you not to over-tighten, or you will pull the threaded insert out of the plastic (I think they also mention its not warranted if you do pull the threads out) ... but I dont remember the 'rubber piece' you mention ... maybe its just been too long ago, or maybe they've changed the process, but mine is just fine ... good luck with it :D

yaa, sounds like they have changed... All they gave me for mounting it was a plate, 2 flush mount screws and a piece of rubber, thats all! Im gonna give them a call b/c this aint gonna fly. Thanks for the insight!


yes, that is the same as mine ... the rubber is just a gasket ... you just can't over-tighten those screws, or it will pull those threaded inserts out of the plastic ... mine has been very solidly mounted for well over a year now ... it should be fine

...Let me know b/c Im curious how long it lasts before leaking or just plain old falling off. Does the clarke use this method? Thanks for any insight!Zack

Send it back and get the Clarke 4.0 if you're not satisfied. The Clarke has threaded brass inserts molded into the bosses of the tank. Very good quality product. :D My DS $0.02. :D

The Clarke has threaded brass inserts molded in

all the IMS tanks I've seen have those same threaded brass inserts, just so ya know.

Yeah, I know. I've got IMS tanks also. He was asking about the Clarke tank for the XRL.

Thanks everyone, I wasnt really refering to the 2 brass mounts that hold the plate on but how clarke tanks attach the oem pepcock to the tank, like the original tank?


It uses the stock petcock with a rubber O-ring that goes around the barrel of the inlet pipe that fits in the opening of the tank. It's not a rubber flange-type gasket. The Clarke does come with a heavy-duty aluminum tank mounting bracket that the stock petcock attaches to then gets bolted to the tank bosses. No leaks and it's sturdy.

For what it's worth, I've had no trouble with either brand of tank (IMS or Clarke) or mounting method. :D

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