20001 520 exc price

my local dealer has 1 520 exc left.

7000 otd , is that good?

That's a lot better than the deal I got. OTD at less than Suggested Retail is pretty sweet for that bike.

That's as good as I've heard of OTD. The lowest I've found on the net was 6500, then you've got to ad shipping and maybe tax and tags depending where you are...I'm looking at about 7300 if I buy one out of state. My "local" dealer is still holding out for full RETAIL 7800 OTD...that's just not going to happen ;-)

BOTTOM LINE - If I could get one for that it would be in the garage NOW ;-)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

So, Where do you live? (heh, heh, heh)

somewhere in the u.s.a. heh, heh,heh.

i might have been born at night; but not

last night !

Haven't you bought it yet! :)

If you are going to "pass" you should at least let somebody in your "neck of the woods" know before the snow flys!

( Yes I know where he is but I'm not going to "out" him! LOL )

i decided a new scooter just isnt in the

budget right now. lansing cycle has it.

i talked to alan about it last friday,

so he may or may not still have it.

<font color="orange">A few months ago my Dad and I went and picked up 2 KTM 520 EXC's in the midwest $6600 OTD. One for my Dad, one for his buddy.

Would have been $6700 but the guy gave us a deal because we were buying 2. Not too bad for bikes that many people can't even find.




Hi guys,

Hi Guys, my local dealer in Little Rock set me and a friend up! We feel like sponsered riders. I now have a 400sx and he has a 520exc. Our deals were better than any thing i have seen online. Call "Tom" at 501-562-9448. I would take 5500 for my like new 400sx (30 race laps plus very little practice)

My local mx race today among friends in the over thirty class had a dead engine start to handycap my 400sx.....Holeshot and still won first over their 2-strokes! Ha-Ha!

Just to put things in perspective... I bought a 2001 520EXC for 10,000 Australian ,

thats around 5,000 $US. Then I rode it home. It sounds like you guys are getting screwed.


Supply and demand I guess. Also, us fat lazy Americans seem to be sitting on fat lazy American wallots and KTM knows this! :)

How much for shipping and customs to the US for one of these?

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