KTM Suspension set up ISSUES

I have a 2000 KTM 520 EXC. I am 6'1" tall and weigh about 205. I am having a lot of problems getting the bike to turn. The suspension is bone stock with the addition of a Scotts sterring stabalizer. I have been riding with the bars in position 3. I am thinking of going to position 4. I have heard some guys talk about offset triple clamps from Scotts are Applied Racing. Anyone like these as a solution. Is one product better than the other? I have about 25 MM of preload in the rear and it still won't hold the rear up. I can't get the sag right in the rear. Seems like the bike just squats like a chopper and the front end gets light and bounces off of everything or slides in the corners. Can someone out there help me with a suggested, front and rear suspension set up, for my weight and height and the source for the parts?

Thanks, Chopperman

You need some stiffer springs, front and rear. Try a PDS3 and 44 front springs.

EXCited is right, the cornering abilities change dramatically when proper race sag is met,(90-100mm).

Any aggresive rider, over 190pnds will want to increase springs rates on both ends.

Originally posted by 400EXCited:

You need some stiffer springs, front and rear. Try a PDS3 and 44 front springs.

Have you had any expierence with the off set triple clamps? What do you think?

I have Oberg Sports 18 MM offset triple clamps for my 520 SX. They make a big difference in cornering, but the will upset the suspension balance of your bike. You'll just have to dial the clickers a little until you get it right - mine felt stiffer. Also, I had to adjust the left steering stop, as the fork leg was able to touch the CDI. I am very pleased with the handling and with the quality of the Oberg Sports 18MM clamps.

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