Grabby clutch lurch from dead stop - 520 EX/C?

Anyone else having a lurching, "grabby" clutch engagement from a dead stop on a 2001 520 EX/C? I am running Motul 300v synthetic oil. Easing the clutch out slowly from dead stop on slight uphill causes very "grabby" lurch-and-go engagement instead of smooth forward motion....

Sort of, my makes a noice when I first take off after starting from a cold engine. I use Mobil One.

Your clutch is drying out. After it sits the clutch plates dry out causing them to grab and go until the oil circulates thru the clutch plates again. A good thing to do is while the bike idles in "N" grab and release the clutch a few times to get oil back into the plates.

That makes sense, thanks.


This makes sense to me also...never had it happen before to other bikes...but I will try it....

<font color="orange">My Dad was having about the same problem; specifically when cold. He was told to hold the clutch in for about 20 seconds before taking off so he did it, and it eliminates the problem.

My YZ426 had the grabbiness associated with all the '00 426's so I was doing the same thing and it helped a lot, but since I replaced my clutch basket and plates; leaving me with butter smooth clutch action always.

One of the guys on the 426 forum was talking to one of the owners at Hinson who said some KTM 520's were developing clutch problems similar to the 426.



Back in the mid 80's, KTM had this same problem with their 250,350 and 500 MX's. The solution was to drill the back side of the inner hub to allow more oil into the clutch plate area. KTM sent a Tech Bulletin to each dealer stating where to drill the holes. If your problem becomes worse I would go to a well established KTM dealer and ask for the bulletin, it's from 1987 I think.

Try changing your oil to a synthetic blend. NOT 100% synthetic. I use Golden Spectro in my year 2000 520 E/XC RFS with no promlems. Some guys have had clutch slipping when using 100% synthetic too. KTM specifies a BLEND and NOT 100% synthetic.

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