450 03 problem

rite i was on my bike yesterday and stoped the bike but left it runing,it then cut off wich it hasnt done b4 so i went 2 kick it and the kick start was tite so i bumped it and it started fine i then thought its best 2 take it home but on the way it cut out again and the kick start was solid and it wouldnt bump. wen i got home i managed 2 free the kick starter but its still tite and will not start :D has any 1 had this problem i think its the bottem end any tips or help will be awsome


check the valve clearances

How long was it idling for? NEVER leave any bike, especially a race bike, idling for any extended length of time. It could've got hot, and started to seize? Depends how long you left it sitting though. If it was only idling a short time before stalling, like Matt96xr6 said, check your clearances. If it got too hot, dump your oil too. :D

The '03's have been known to break the kick starter assembly, which could conceivably jam up the entire works by locking up the clutch hub. If the starter doesn't feel right, it could be worth looking at.

cheers for the tip people any others got some info ?

did you find the problem

no will have a look in the week

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