RaceTech P/N's

I just got my fork springs in from RT and they have a different part number on the box than what I got from their website. They sent me the one's that correspond to the YZ rather than the WR. I'm just curious if I can still use them, or are the '05 YZ forks different than the WR as far as internal dimensions and components? :D Many thanks...SC

All I can tell you is that in 05 the WR forks were upgraded to the YZ 48mm tube size. As far as the internals, I am sorry I do not know...

I knew about the upgrade, which is what has me wondering. However, after looking at the dimension of both part numbers, the YZ springs are .1 mm wider and 12mm longer than the WR's. I think the salesman I ordered them from at RT was 3 bong-loads over his daily allowance :D ...SC

Hay Steve, do you know if 50's will fit a 04wr450???? My susp guy set me up with 50's for the front but they wont fit. any thoughts on this????

According to the RaceTech site, there is no application for a #50 for the 2004, so I don't know what to tell you. I swear this kind of crap always happens over a weekend and when I'm working so I can't get it straightened out in a timely fashion :D ...SC

Here's some more weirdness...

According to Racetech, the dimensions for the 2005 YZ and WR #48 springs are as follows:

YZ - 43.6mm O.D. x 472mm Length p/n FRSP 444748

WR - 43.5mm O.D. x 461mm Length p/n FRSP 434648

On the Parts Unlimited catalog, they are as follows:

YZ - 43.6mm O.D. x 472 mm Length (the same, right?)

WR - 42.5mm O.D. x 478 mm Length (Hmmm, not the same :eek: )

Now the listing for the '05 WR in the P.U. catalog has the same dimensions as the '04 WR which we all know has smaller fork diameter, so I'm assuming that the '05 listing is a misprint. However, P.U. doesn't list ANY spring with the dimensions given by RaceTech. Confused yet? I know I am. But wait, it gets better...

According to the Yamaha Parts site, the YZ and WR have different p/n's for the fork components as well, so I can't tell if they are the same dimensions that way.

Now I know what you're all gonna say, "Wait until Monday and call RaceTech!" But I can't. I'm stuck at work for 72 hours straight and my latent OCD is kicking in and I must know now!!! :eek::D:eek::D:D:D

Anyway, thanks for indulging my mania and perhaps someone will give me some insight and put my anxiety to rest. Peace, love, dope...SC

The 05 YZ has the new KYB twin chamber fork similiar to the Showa. The 05 Wr has the same fork as the 04 YZ They are all 48mm forks but the 05 YZ uses a different spring. So to answer your question if you got fork springs for and 05 YZ you can not use them in a 05 WR fork.

Eureka! Thanks Mike...SC

So he should order 04 yz springs?

Yes 04 YZ springs should also work in a 05 WR.

The RaceTech '04 YZ dimensions are not the same as the WR's either...

43.6 OD x 480mm Length

This also differs from the PU catalog info which lists the '04 YZ dimensions as 42.5 OD X 478mm Length

What's a boy to do? :D:D:D ...SC

I think I fingered it out! I decided to research the Factory Connection site to see what their application chart said. Lo and behold, they have the same p/n for both the 2005 YZ and WR. So maybe all is right with the world once again. I will still be giving RaceTech a call in the a.m. to find out for sure and I will let y'all know what I learn just in case some poor schmuck finds himself in the same boat as me. Isn't learning fun? :D ...SC

Clark, for what its worth I have race techs in my 05 and the part number on the box is 434648. I don't know if the number on the springs corresponds or not as I slapped em in with out checking beyond what is on the box. I think I'd get the correct ones if I were you though.


Yep, that's the correct part number from the RaceTech website. Unfortunately, that's not the part number I received. I'm still gonna call them in the a.m. Thanks for the info...SC

Well, I got it all straightened out. Racetech screwed the pooch and sent me the wrong springs. Everything is in the process of getting exchanged. No big deal, I'm just happy I found out the details before I got into the forks. For the record, the proper p/n for the '05 WR is FRSP 434648, with the last two digits designating the spring weight. C'est la vie :D ...SC

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