new member with a xr600

hello guys,

I'm from belgium and new here, I have an old honda xr600 with 17' excell rims.

whot do you guys think about it?

greets from belgium


The picture is really small, but from what you can see it looks like a very nice, and fun bike!

Welcome to TT :D

Whot ?

Its an interesting motorcycle.

Sort of Vintage motard!

I suppose one could convert 4 strokes from the early '80's into 'tards and sell them in Tokyo.

We dont see many bikes like that in the states--its cool.

small pic, but looks good from a far... Post up a supersize of that pic.


so, i hope this works...

little info on the bike :

-100 mm bore

-wiseco HC piston

-prox bigend

-full CRD line

to come :

-fcr 41

-hotcam stage 1

Looks great, i'm gona motard out my 650r when i get it.....

Nice looking machine and it looks like it's been well taken care of. And I'm really liking the upside down forks on that XRR. Any information on those? :D

hey dual_dog, the fork is a Honda :D cr500 fork! it appears that this fork is much better than the original.

wiem, welcome to the site and nice bike. I like the custom stand too!

yup, very nice bike ya got there ... I respect modified bikes ... stockers just dont get it :D

I like the custom stand too!

hehe, thanks. i bought the stand and is was not high enough, plus I need to improve my welding, so i welded those 2 iron things on the stand :D

Wie we hier hebben... :D

hehe busted !

de xr600 moet en zal harder gaan manu ! :D


very nice bike. :D

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