Scotts Offset Triple Clamps on 520 EXC

Has anyone out there had any expierence running the 18mm offset triple clamps from Scotts? I am having trouble getting the bike to turn. I know the sag is not right. I need stiffer fork springs and shock spring. I am trying to decide whether to just set up the suspension and the sag correctly or to go ahead and go all the way, correct suspension / spring / sag set up plus the ofset triple clamps. What do you guys think? We ride alot of woods and tight stuff in South TX. Has anyone had any headshake problems while running the 18mm offsets?


<font color="orange">My Dad recently put the Scott's stabilizer on his KTM 520 EXC but is also interested in putting either the 16mm or 18mm offset triple trees on his bike. He likes the more "planted" feel of my YZ426 in the corners.

I'd appreciate some responses too. Thanx[/b]



i have a scott's triple clamp set, 18mm offset, for oversize bars, with barkbuster mounts for the upper clamp, for $325 US, i'll ship ups ground to continental US. the clamp set was $350 + shipping, the mounts were $50 + shipping. used about 2 months. i had this setup on a 200, it did sharpen up the steering, i just never liked the handlebar position as well as that provided by the ktm stock clamp.

I have the Scott's 18's on my 01 400E and I really like them. I put them on before ever riding the bike so I can't make a comparison. I can tell you it turns better than my 98 380M or my 99 250E did. I also installed a PDS3 in the back before riding the bike and I put .46 springs up front shortly after I started riding it. I'm 205 in street clothes and ride only in the woods.

Since I have the Scott's steering stabilizer, I never get any headshake. I have the forks pulled up in the triple clamps to the 2nd line, too. This bike is so much fun to get through the woods. Very plush and planted.


John Brunsgaard

01 400 EXC, 99 250 EXC (gone), 99 200 EXC, 98 125 EXC, 98 380 MXC (long gone)

Just my 2 cents, but, I think you probably need to get the sag & springs set up properly for you and your riding style no matter what modifications you do.

No modifications will correct improper set-up and those problems will always be there.

On the 18MM clamps I sure would like to hear from someone who has tried them on a 520 EXC and compared them with the stock clamps, the only complaint I have on my '01 is that the front end doesn't feel quite as planted as my WR.

Where do you ride in Texas? I do a lot of riding in Nacogdoches and the Sam Houston National forest around conroe.


Joe Bohazi

'01 520 EXC, '99 640 LC4

If In Doubt "Gas It"

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