My new to me 650L is hoggin out

I bought a '97 xr650L last night with 6000 miles. Ran great around San Francisco for about twenty minutes. Put in some more gas and took it off reserve. I was getting a little more comfortable and juiced it. Thing almost died right then and there. Rode a while longer, went to the bar (drank tea and coke okay) and on the way home it hogged out so bad I had to push it up the hill with it idling. Thats all itll do anymore. Any twist of the throttle and it hogs out and stalls. Starts right up and idles fine. Im going to check the tank filter and what then? Could it be all the emissions crap?

bought me a new project,

just want to ride,

erik check the petcock like u were going to. That sounds like what happend to my old 94 Xr600, the reserve switch on mine didn't work and those are the symptoms of not enough gas...but since u put more gas in that's not an issue i guess.

If it's not somthing to do with gas line, petcock/fuel filters, make sure the choke is opening and closing fine. Then if that still doesn't fix it, then ur gonna have to check the carb alittle more in depth. Or u might have a fouled plug, so ur mixture could be off. Just run ur throttle at the speed it bogs down at and then check the plug to see how it's running, rich/lean. hope that helped

Make sure the tank is venting properly as well. As in, loosen the gas cap and see if the problem persists.

Remove the fuel line see if it has fuel flow, if it does it sounds like crap or water in the float bowl clogged jet. drain the float bowl into a shot glass see if any water or crap comes out. Drain screew in the bottom of carb float bowl.

one time i put the floats in backwards, and it wouldn't start, just imagine how stupid i felt once i figured out that dumb It just sounds like u have a fuel flow clean the carb, fuel line's, petcock....

thanks guys.

Here's what I think...previous owner had it sitting in the garage for a while. Impurities in the fuel settled to the reserve tank...ran low on fuel...carb drank the junk from the bottom. I like checking to see if the petcock is clogged, and the filter, but if that does not pan out, you've probably got a main jet clog. Pretty easy to fix...pull of the bowl and you can get in there with compressed air...even a hand bike pump will work if you don't have a compressor.

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