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i was wondering what are the diffreces in the power from the sx 400/520 models to the m/xc 400/520 modles. Does one have more top end power then the other. Is there any diffreces in speed? What about price? and do the sx do good in trails since they are lighter? Is there a big diffrece in power from the 400 to the 520. I ride wide open fields tight trails and wide trails what would be best? this info would help

SX400 VS MXC400:

-Same close ratio 6 speed tranny

-Same basic engine, as far as I know

-Less flywheel weight on the SX

-Possibly no or very small lighting coil on the SX

-MXC has high quality Xring chain

-SX has a regular chain

-MXC has huge 3.7 gallon tank

-SX has 2 gallon tank

-MXC has electric start which adds about 14 pounds

-MXC has softer springs and valving on both ends for woods

-SX has stiffer springs and valving for jumping

SX520 VS 520MXC:

Same as above except the tranny. The 520SX has a 4 speed while the MXC has a close ratio 6 speed.

The 520 will have more power everywhere. Top speed, tranny and sprockets being the same, would also go to the 520. Price is about $150-$200 difference, I think.

The SX would probably be okay for trails but the suspension would probably beat you up more, depending on your style and terrain. The MXC shares the EXC suspension and, once sprung correctly, is just magic in the woods.

It's hard to recommend a bike for someone else. If you don't race in tight woods or race and ride in open terrain, there is nothing like the big bike power to make you grin. If you race in tight woods, too much power will wear you out. I went that route with my 98 380MXC. Never again.

Good luck


John Brunsgaard


01 400 EXC, 99 250 EXC (gone), 99 200 EXC, 98 125 EXC, 98 380 MXC (long gone)

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