Kenda K760 Tires?

Does the Kenda K760 make a good dual sport tire for 50% on/off road riding?

I have used Kenda Trakmaster 760 rear tires for many years due to their cheap price and long wear. In rocky, rooty Vermont, the tire ages gracefully and works very well. Not a race tire, but better for all-around cross-country riding. Not very good on pavement...squirmy...but excellent in the dirt...and it IS DOT approved. I would say it is the best DOT approved tire for pure trail riding...I don't like the front tire...knobs are too squirmy on the carcass...and not great in the rocks...I found the best DOT combo to be Kenda 760 rear and Dunlop K139 front. But Dunlop discontinued the K139...can't find 'em anywhere anymore !

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