changed out front and rear springs.....

04WR450- 6'1,230LB's

Well I changed out my rear shock spring and "YES" you can change it without removing it from the bike. My race sag with the stock spring was 140, so I went with a 6.2 The best i could get out of it was 112-114 race sag and that was with only 20mm of static sag. So I will be sending it back for a 6.4.. And then there are the front fork springs.....the Susp. guy recommended that I go with 50's on the front. Went to change them out, took old 46's out and went to put the new 50's in and they would not go but maybe 8-9 inches into the tubes. Took them out put old ones back in just fine....took old ones out and new ones would not go in.....So needlessly to say, I will be sending everything back. SO WILL 50's EVEN FIT A 04 WR450???????

any thoughts or suggestion's???

I just put 50's in my 05 with no problem.

they went with differnt tubes on the 05.

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