problems installing my quiet insert in my PC4

Believe it or not, I can't figure out how to install my quiet insert in my PC4... :D I guess I'll be a newbie all my life... :D:eek:

I bought the PC 4 used and decided to purchase a brand new quiet insert recently cause my riding buddies were complaning about the nois at the back. ( I know in fact they just want to slow me down a little). As I'm a fair player, I tried to install it this after noon so I unscrewed the end cap. The S/A is inside the end cap from what I see and can't be taken out.

Problem is, I have nothing to bolt the q insert in.

Plus, even if I could bolt it, I could not fit the end cap back because there is like four leafs of metal on the side of the end cap that goes into the pipe. Those four leafs fit into the square pipe that's inside the can.

I'm starting to ask myself wheter this use PC4 has been modified. :D

Should not the Q insert bolt right in easily?

Anyone has a picture of the inside of their PC 4, end cap and so on...?

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