2002 California 520 EXC

I'v heard that KTM is importing a Ca. model that will be green sticker legal meaning it can be dual sported in Ca. It is supposted to be designated a "G" model. Does anyone know anything about this claim and the differences between it and a 49 state 520?? If is just corking up the exhaust and intake and it is easily converted back (AKA the XR650R) then I'm very interested. Any insight from the forum??


Have heard the same thing from two different dealers. They got the info from the KTM rep. Don't have any specifics on the actual difference between the CA and 49 state model.

I spoke to a dealer and was informed that it was done primarily thru jetting. There is really no other difference.


aka Rich

1996 300 EXC

(dual sported)

1987 Suzuki LT250R

(Glamis chrome beast)

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