Cracked fuel tank (pics)

time for a nice new acerbis 3.1 tank.... :D

Wow, does look ugly. I will keep an eye on that area. I dont know if I'd risk a repair. With these pipes glowing red, a small fuel leak can almost always mean a rip snorting fire. I'd replace it with a new one.

Well, after checking out the prices of a new tank and thats just not an option at the moment. So I went and bought the $15 dollar repair kit. I dont want it leaking again cause like you said, could get very messy if caught on fire. :D

Here is a pic

you cant use the plastic weld on your tank , it is not good for polipropilan plastic thet your tank is made from.

does that kit withstand gas, I presume the crack is not yet leaking

poliprobilen can be bought in several states including powder

maybe with hardener it can be applied to the crack (just guessing)

Well it said It was specifically for gas tanks, can be used with fuel in the tank or with out, (prefrable with no fuel), it had this little lipstick type thing that you could smear on the crack if you wanted to stop it leaking while on the trail, other wise if its empty just scuff with sand paper, clean with alcohol swab (provided in the kit) and then knead the 2 part stuff together and apply.

Seemed very easy, just waiting for it to dry, its says 1 hour but im happy to wait till tommorow :D

Speak to Yamaha about it, they are replacing them for free over here as it's a common fault on the 03.

Get a new Clarke Tank for under 200 clams. Thats cheap compared to lighting your balls on fire from leaking gas. :D Leaking gas in nothing to mess around with IMHO. Looks like you did a nice job with the patch kit though. Let us know how it works out.

good luck eddy,maybe get a racing fire suit??? lol...

that is the same spot were mine cracked looks just the same

i tryed a patch like that but it does not work because thats were the tank flexes

Link isn't working for me nitro circus

Same exact thing happened to my tank on my '03 450...I never did get around to taking it to the shop and asking if Yamaha will replace it. I ended up buying a Clarke tank instead.

Looks like a stress fracture to me. I wouldn't f**k around with a sealer. I'd be afraid of the patch unraveling on the trail and then your in a world of s**t.

Suck it up, get peace of mind and buy a new tank!! :D

"To an endless supply of fresh trails that are forever moist and free of dust"...... Amen

Amen again. :D

Tank sealer works.

If it does fail, just use gaffer tape to get you out of a pinch on the trail.

It worked, it looks exactly like mine. Im off to see the local yamaha dealer today and see what they can do for me, I dare say he will just laugh at me. :D

But worth a try, ill keep you posted

Hey all,

Just pulled my bike apart and noticed this but ugly crack on my tank, :D

Just did a search on something called plastic weld, so hopefully I might be able to fix it.

Just wondering how it happened? actually looks like some one has cut it with a knife?

Did you happen to see the wife carrying a knife and asking if you life insurance is paid up?? :D J/K Let us know if holds!

I'm still laughing about balls being on fire. Get it replaced or buy the bigger tank. Your balls are too valuable!

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