Cracked fuel tank (pics)

Same crack on mine..........get rid of it and start with an aftermarket tank.. Put a Clarke 3.2 on mine..... love the range now!

I have a YZ, not a WR....

Yeah get a clarke replacement. Only qualm i have about my 3.2 is i cant sit all the way forward compared to the stocker, but you could get the clarke stocker if it bothers you.

Just an update on my dramas with the tank. I went to my dealer who just played dumb :D . so I did some searching on the web found other dudes here in Australia that had the same problem. I finally got some one to give me some details so I could print them and take them with me to my dealer, after showing the prints he then realized he couldn't play dumb anymore :eek:

I said to him that its a safety issue, if I was ridding on the road and the tank split like that and started a fire, that yamaha would have to answer up to something a bit more then just me complaining about it.

So after that he said he would see what he could do.

I have been told that a new tank will be sent to them this week :D:eek:

So all I can say is, that it pays to do some research and for that I thank Thumper talk and evry one that helped. You saved me $500 Aussie dollars :D

Wow, I have never seen that happen before on any bike. Good to hear that yamaha is sending a new tank. If it happened to me, I'd upgrade to an ims or a clarke. I'll be sure to watch for that now, good thread. :banghead:

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