Just got nitrous for my 450!!

ur ****in crazy!

There are serious issues using nitrous on a 4 stroke, there is intense heat in the combustion chamber transferred to the piston, since the piston does not use a bearing the rod seizes snaps and right through the cases. I've seen at least 6 yzf's scattered using nitrous. Usually a bottle will last no longer than 45 secs max. It seems that a 2 stroke doesn't have the problems of the 4 stroke, as was stated earlier the 4 stk is built light and is at the limit of their power, any more and they break. I've run the boondocker system on both 500 and 250 it works well, you can go up at least 1 tooth on the countershaft and drop 2-3 teeth on the back on a 500 and up 1 countershaft on a 250. The only problem, and its only a problem if you don't know how to correct for it, the pressurized float bowl needs to be monitored after jetting changes if you don't you could either blow it up or load it up. It does make insane horsepower

That may be sooner than you think. These high-performance aluminum dirt bike engines are built light and tight, no extra case webbing and cast-in stiffeners that would add weight. They aren't really made to handle the incredible stresses that nitrous can put on them. The clutch and transmission aren't designed to handle such shock loads, either. This engine's days are numbered.

Actually since most of the factory bikes are running stock cases, I don't think 15hp if that's all he is doing - will phase the engine. I mean the bikes in Europe are running sick numbers, Guy Coopers stock engined KTM540 was making over 70 rear wheel horsepower when he last raced the nationals...

The problem will be the instant SHOCK of that much power being instantly turned on - it'll want to rip the clutch plates apart prob - and could cause a prob for the tranny - though I'd suspect the clutch would want to slip first. So I'd be running the heaviest clutch springs I could find in that thing!


do you have the instalation instructions of a boss noss kit to put it on my yfz 450. Thanks Terry

Hey "Snow" i was at St. Anthony's this weekend with my new YZ450f one of my bud has a nitrous TRX450, granted my bike will beat him up thunder and choke but even hittin the button on that thing gets sketchy not only the fact that i can shift into 4th on choke and wheely to the top on my bike your nutz for having a nitrous shot to help you out a little more with that, and it must be nice being able to shift up going up any hill you want to and boy that would be sick at Devils bowl

Hey rptup what part of Montana are you from??? Yes I had to put mine down to 10hp so I could control it. We were there on the 31 & 1st and had a blast. Did not have the juice bottle on but was still a blast but not many people yet.

well my parents are from Missoula and Hamilton but we live in southern idaho about 3 and a 1/2 hours away from St. Anthony . yeah theres not to many people but once Memorial Day weekend comes it will be packed as always. i've been going there for almost 8 years and there is nothing that will ever make me not want to ride there the sickest hills, jumps, atmosphere, and riding you could possibly ever see.

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