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There seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions when it comes to setting sag on the PDS shock. The WP manual states that you should set static (bike under own weight) sag to 35mm then race (rider on bike) sag should be between 90-105mm. Usual thinking is to set race sag to 100mm (or so) then static should be between 15-25mm. Can people please post what they have their bikes set at and what they think of the performance. I have a 520exc 01 that has 0.44 race tech fork springs and a PDS4 shock spring. The suspenders have been slightly revalved to suit weight, style etc. My main complaint is a slight "pushing" of the front in turns and was wondering if anyone had experimented with sag setting to counter this. Has anyone noticed a marked difference to stability with different sag settings? Sag is currently set at 100mm (race) and 25mm (static).

I played with my sag alot this spring to try to get my 400 to turn better. For me, 93mm seems to work the best. It keeps the front end planted better with a little more preload on the spring than the standard 100mm we are all used to.


2001 KTM 400SX #529



Servus Grant,

This reminds me a little on the time when the KTM PDS came out - 1998. KTM said to set static sag at 35mm, but nobody including the magazine people cared. Soon most of them where complaining that the PDS doesn't work and was just rideable with the rebound turned fully in (at least that's what happened here in Europe). The 1998 PDS probably wasn't a really good thing, but many of the problems where homemade.

Yes, your bike will turn better with less static sag, but there are trade-offs. As expected you will get many different opinions on this, because sag on the PDS seems to be more rider-specific than on other bikes. Try for yourself - it is quite easy, isn't it. A straight rate spring might also help - look on the race tech site for more info (custom valving and springs).

BTW, if your fork is pushing in corners, add some rebound damping (most likely the problem because of your stiffer springs) or decrease compression damping.



How much do you weigh and what kind of riding do you do? Your spring numbers are kind of odd to me. At 205 street weight, a PDS3 and .46's up front were recommended for me. I'm a pretty fast B level hare scrambles and enduro rider and we race in mostly tight single track woods.

Since the EXC/MXC front forks are softer than the shock, I'm surprised to see you go only one step stiffer in front while going 2 steps stiffer in back. Although your rear sag numbers look great, I wonder if the bike is out of balance. It could also be the revalve you had done.

My bike doesn't push at all. It's the most planted bike I've ever ridden on and rails corners. The valving is stock but I do have the 18mm Scott's clamps installed.


John Brunsgaard-jeb

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