oring chain question?

Just curious if 520 oring chain can be cut, shortened , and reattached with a master link. Changed to 13t front on 650l, ordered a new chain and master links but the chain is an endless loop and the masterlinks I ordered are not going to be long enough to extend far enough thru the side plate far enough to get the clip on, the chain didnt come with a masterlink either and I am just not sure how to proceed. Whats the proper link count for 13/45 combonation? would 14/50 be a better choice? Thanks

Yes it can be shortened. You need to purchase a chain link breaker tool. Rather inexpensive and you will use it many times if you are a avid rider. If you bought the correct master links for your chain you will need a link compressor tool, also inexpensive. It is the rubber 0-rings that make the link shafts appear too short. A link compressor tool presses the side plates with enough pressure to compress the 0-rings giving you the required space to slip the clip on the link shafts.

Thanks, the orings are the problem, I have the chain breaker just need to find a compressor, glad to hear such exists.

i needed no compressor tool.....put vise grips on to squish it togeter and took em off and cliped the clip on......no compressor

I use a "G" clamp with a nut over the pin, bit fiddly but and you have to do both pins separately but it works for me.

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