650R, 650L, or 450x??

Thanks for the bike evaluations and XR support. Friends and I road the mountains in N.W. PA including some national forests. Even hit the Catskill Mountains in NY. Great riding trails/roads in the N.E. during fall season.

You asked...I'm 5'-10'' and 160 lbs. The 650r is easy ridding, just top heavy when turning slow or washing out the front tire. Everyone with this bike must have bark busters. Lately the only time it drops is when we are stopped and the heavy pig goes off center. Honda's are bullet proof and their 2000 650r was engineered service friendly. Considering a new dual sport bike in the future and can't wait to see what's available then. Bikes get lighter and faster and I would love a button, but only if it also has a kick starter. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, safe ridding, and count your blessings.

Peace out,


I got a really great price on a 650L as it was the close of the year and the dealer actually dealt on the 07's. I feel very strongly that any new bike or car should be bought at the end of the year; period. Unless there is a real need to do otherwise.

I go in with cash (If I need a loan, I get that elsewhere) and tell them I will buy right THERE but the price has to be good. They play games and I pull the hundreds out and get serious, tell them that they will either sell a bike or loose a sale. I always tell myself that they are not "friends" and start out nice and friendly. Toward the close of the deal is when I start to turn up the heat and walk. I have saved an enormous amount that way. They usually cave. That's the only time they drop in price (year end), especially Honda dealers.

this is a good technique!

i was debating weather to get a 450 or xr650l xr650r and i got the xrr and i am very happy the bike is way lighter than the L way more powerful also the 450 is lighter but if you plan on cruising around 65mph or even higher the 450just cant do it and the xr650r can do 100mph the xrr just has so much brute torque it is unbelievable

Just sold my 2007 xr650l with 280 miles. I am like you an old one! Just picked up my 2008 450x and it is like night and day. I thought i was to old to ride until I got the 450x. Save your money and bite the bullet for the 450x.......Ed

I own a 650L and I am 59yo, and I gotta say it is a handfull for me in tight situations and steep downhills...I'm always afraid I won't make it up out of what I drop into...but I wouldn't get rid of it for anything, I also own an XR400 that I cannot ride anymore because after a day of kickin it over my knee swells up. I bought a KTM 400exc and it almost has the power I need + the magic button+street legal. Still I think the bike you would be most happy with on fire trails and fun off road stuff would be the XR650L...Super reliable and fast as we need....Come on go get it and ride!!!

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