I've tried....and I've tried!

I am looking for the March 2001 issue of Dirtbike. Specifically the WR426 review. In moving again over the last year, I accidentally let my subscription expire. I've been to three major bookstores. (Barnes and Noble who boast carrying over 500 magazines, only had ATV magazines and some kooky UK moto mags. I asked if they normally carried DB mags and the spectacled, limp wristed nancy-boys behind the counter snickered like I was asking for somewhere to spit tobacco juice.)

I have checked all the major bike dealerships, WalMarts, Grocery Stores, etc.

No Luck!

I would be eternally indebted to any kind soul who might scan it and e-mail it to me. ianodom@msn.com

I know

I think I have it. Will let you know for sure by Monday or Tuesday. If you have already scored, let me know! Paul

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