YZ seat cover...98-02

I was not sure if everyone knew about this or not. It will not fall int the category of rocket science ot anything, but...

I was working in my garage last night. I noticed my sons YZF 400 had a rather nasty looking seat. The cover was ripped in many places and it looked bad.

I searched through my collention. The only cover I had was for a 1996 Yamaha YZ 250. The two stroke . I figured I had nothing to lose, so I tried it.

To my surprise it fit like it was made for the bike. I had to trim away more material after it was on, especially at the back, but th ecover looks excellent.

The solid color covers are probably a better bet for this as you do end up cutting away a lot of material on the back of the seat. Something with graphics on the back would look very good as you would cut most of the graphic away.

So..your just commenting on the fact than a '96 YZ250 seat cover will fit right on a '98 YZ400?

Thats awesome news.

It could be for someone looking for a cheap cover. Have you checked the prices on YZ seat covers on ebay??? They practiclly give away covers from the 96-01 models.

I would have to agree that it is not quite up to the high standards you set in this post....


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Re: a few pics of the Diamond Kit


Originally Posted by SCCRF450

Oh my. Looks like a must have

Basically an appearance mod for $2,200.


'04 Yamaha YZ250F

It was a very true, and to the point post.

If anyone needs a cheap seat cover for a 98-02 YZF, I have an 01 YZ 426 seat cover that is in pretty good shape except for one small tear where the cover rolls over the seat base I'd sell cheap... super cheap.

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