YZ Silencer on WR?

How would a 03 WR 450 act with a 05 YZ 450 silencer on it? It will just be the silencer and not the head pipe.

It will be a lot louder than stock obviously, but it will breathe a lot more freely. It's a common swap, if you find a good used muffler it'll work out way cheaper than an aftermarket can. Rejet to suit. :D

That's what I have, but it's not off a 05 YZ (that shouldn't matter anyway). The head pipe is the same on a YZ and a WR. I definitely have more power than with the uncorked WR pipe and it's really not that much louder. It's actually quieter at lower revs, but louder at higher revs and not so hollow and metalic sounding, if you know what I mean.

Don't know for the 450... but a yz pipe is a very sweet mod on the WR426!

free mods, rejet, hold on :D

Seems like the most cost efficient way to uncork the monster is to do the free mods, use a YZ pipe with a PMB sparky, and re-jet!

my dads pipe is meant for a wr426 and it fit on my bros yz250f

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