Starting with a button?

I have a 00 520 sx, which I love...but...I've

ended upside,(OK, a couple of times ) in the last two races. Kicking, kicking, and more

kicking. The re-starting wears on me more than the racing. Does anyone know of a starter kit offered?


Kicking?! My 01 520 SX fires on first or second kick no matter or cold. I have yet to use the choke. Is your auto decomp working?...or doesn't the 00 have that? I can't see how that would not work though. Somthing else wrong, or is it just the way of the 00 520, and always been like that??


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True 520, Something is wrong, these bikes are know to be easy starters.

To answer your question, there is no starter 'kit', per se. You have to pony up some pretty major dollars, I've heard $600, and buy all the parts directly from KTM. Well, you can probably get the battery elsewhere.


John Brunsgaard-jeb

Remember he said he up-ended it, so it would be flooded. After I flooded my bike, it took a couple of seconds for the e-start to get her going.

Pull the de-comp lever in and kick a couple of times, then you should be right.

Have you made sure your valves are adjusted? These new RFS's get real tough to start if the valves are out of adjustment.

My local dealer charges $1200 to install electric start on ktm's so I know it can be done.

Originally posted by Dr.s:

My local dealer charges $1200 to install electric start on ktm's so I know it can be done.

Dr S,

What is the name and location of your dealer?

My dealer could't/wouldn't help.

Thanks for the info

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