Recommended Suspension-setup?

I weigh 140lbs without gear, am 5'7 and recently changed my stock fork/shock springs to a .39 (front) and a straight spring (can't remember the exact figure but it should be around the PDS2 figure) with stock oil level in the fork. I ride mostly enduros'/harescrambles and occasionally do the MX track.

I was wondering how much of static/race sag should I be looking at putting on my bike? It handles pretty okay now but since I'm a beginner, I wouldn't really know if handling or my suspension can be improved. I have not touched the clickers much, left them at their default positions, but the bike performs fine (I THINK!)

Current sag (bike on stand - bike with me on top of it) is set at about 95mm, (that was 3 months ago, do any of you guys have any idea if the sag sometimes runs off?), never did the check for my static sag.

Anyways, I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on my static/race sag settings and how much I should be dialing out on the clickers.


PS: I went for the lighter springs 'cos I read the stock fork/shock springs (0.42 and PDS3) were setup for the average rider who weighed from 170-195lbs and I am definitely out of that range! Good thing though 'cos it did lower the bike abit! And trust me, at 5'7, I really needed that! :)

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Rivers, try

you can do a custom setup thingy, it tells you all kinds of stuff to buy from them, but some of it is pretty handy.

They tell me 4.4's in my bike, although I am concerned they may not be stiff enough...hence my topic.


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What bike are we talking about? Is this for woods, racing, MX? What kind of terrian do you ride in?

Sag is the same for everyone. 95-100m in back with the rider on board. 25mm +/-10mm without the rider.


John Brunsgaard-jeb

I ride a KTM 400 EXC. Ride mostly enduros/harescrambles and occasionally the MX track. All-round terrain, I suppose. I was wondering if I did make a mistake by going softer on the springs? But they do seem pretty okay to me.

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