How much spring difference?

How much of a difference is there from 4.2 to a 4.4 (N/MM) front spring?? I am 160, with a '01 520SX. I am running 15 wt oil, compression clickers two from stiff, (don't want to be right at the adjustment limit) and the stinking things are still way too soft. My oil, I believe, is 10mm over reccommended max height. This has ceased my bottomming (now have about an inch of travel left no matter what I do) but it SLAMS down to that 1 inch left before it gets stiffer (obviously, with that much 15 wt. oil.)

I wanted to get 4.6's, but my uncle said he can only get 4.4's. Is this enough? Flying on out to California Sunday (8.12) and I want to be able to ride hard, not hold back, due to soft forks.

Also on a note...we shipped our bikes out on 8.2 from Harrisburg, PA. They arrived in San Diego on 8.8. THe crate was for 3 bikes. about 7' by 7' by 50" tall. IT was wooden bases, with 3 4x4's going through the width (to hold everything together) 2x4's on each corner, and a 12" strip of 1/4" thick plywood on the top, and bottom of the crate, surrounding it. The top was covered in 4 mil painter's plastic, and the open sides as well. Bikes arrived with only one dad's 426 blew it's fork seal. IT was weeping, and apparently being compressed for a week just finished it off. :) Needed changed anyway....

We sent them out via WATKINS motor freight. I AM HAPPY!!!!! It is EXPENSIVE, but hey, they are in one piece, right? (our company gets a 60% thats how we could afford it)


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Chris, Sounds like you ride agressive, I would opt for the .46's and reduce your oil weight to 5-7wt. with this setup you will be more effective through out the FULL stroke of the fork. .46's can be purchased hear,...

You wont see the springs on the website, click on services, and then call the phone number and Denny will set you up. They are located in Ohio.

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I'm not sure what the SX came stock with but my 01 400EXC came with the .42's so I'd think the SX would have .44's stock. I went to .46's for woods riding but I'm a lot heavier than you at 205lbs in street clothes. The valving on the SX forks is stiffer, too, but should be good for jumping.

I'd also recommend dropping oil weight to the 5-7 range but I'd call Mike Kruger at Cycle Zone KTM for the race tech forks. I'm sure he'd give you a great price plus there's no shipping on orders over $50. Toll free 866-843-7433.


John Brunsgaard-jeb

Sorry, 4.2's are stock, all KTM's seem to have them stock. I was cranking up on the oil viscosity simply to be cheap (not wanting to buy springs) It helped ALOT, but not quite enough.


'01 KTM 520 SX

'95 KX 250

AMA Dist 6 Member

Hare Scramble Class B #523

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