is a 426 good.

i have been buying everything to peice together a yfz qaud, just to have a second yfz. but i got a good deal on a yz426 and want to build it up to get alot of power out of it. does anyone know what the max i can have the crank stroked to. and whats the furthest i can bore it, it will also get a good port job and whatever else i can do. i just cant have these built hondas and yamahas beating me and i mostly ride in sand.

the furthest ive seen a 426 bored is 450

i have found a 444 piston kit but just was wondering how far the can also be stroked. and whats the power fill like compared to a yz450

the furthest ive seen a 426 bored is 450

Same here. Not sure if you can go any further.

i know powroll can stroke a 400 and 426 to 440cc and eric gore has a 444 piston kit wich should make it a 458 right, i was just hoping to go bigger. but mabey with some porting and whatever else i can do i can stay above the current 450,s.

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