New Street Legal Kits!

If you want to get your RFS street legal, then check out

This guy has put together some really nice dual sport kits using circuit board technology. If you have an E start bike, then the whole kit is only $300! $400 if your bike does not come with a battery.

My neighbor just got one for his 520 EXC and it is TRICK just like the name implies. It has self cancelling turn signals, LED battery condition lights, and uses the UFO headlight with integrated turn signals. This quality product deserves some attention. Check it out.


1995 EXC 400

AMA Dist 37

02 520 EXC (soon)

I agree with Ryan, this is one of tthe best kits on the market. No, I take that back. IT IS THE BEST! Far simpler than any of the others, very compact, no maintenance either. Do look at their website and I think you will agree. The head of the company, is a d/s rider, I have met him on several rides. He has used his experience on the trail and with several other kits to come up with his ideas.

Check it out, plus it is the best price I have ever seen!!!


aka Rich

1996 300 EXC

(dual sported)

1987 Suzuki LT250R

(Glamis chrome beast)

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