Cheapest place to buy new 650r??

Well, decided to buy a new 650r. I keep hearing about leftover 04, or even '03 models. Some even listed on But everyone of them that I've called (the lower priced ones) don't have any and havn't had any for a while. Sounds like the dealer listings on Cycletrader are a joke!

Anyone actually know of a dealer with a new, older R for less than $5000??

I know of two 03's that were sold here in Oregon about 2 months ago. They were both sold new at the dealership for $5400 each. Hope this helps... :D

I'm getting a 03 XR 650r for $4300 with 7 original mile's.

$4,990 OTD here in Southern California. Yes, you can go OTD at that price.

Where did you find one at 4990.00?Got a buddy that wants one.

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