How to tame my torquemonster?

calling him a troll would be an insult to trolls...

The internet is his target and his computer is a can of spray paint - he's nothing more than a "tagger" :D

Naw, that's not a troll, way too blatant.


Just a thought here and I could be all wet for sure but if you have the idle turned down too low after you get bike started and warmed up then this will cause the throttle to feel a little stiff and will increase the tendency to lurch ahead when you only want a little bit. I had this problem on my 93 XR600 when I would regularly turn idle way down after it warmed up. Besides a lurching power delivery it was also harder to start when hot. Just leaving the idle at where it started OK cold solved this problem. I never tried these very low idle settings on my 650R and never had the problem.

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