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Just took delivery of 2002 520 EXC green sticker

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The bike just came off the truck. I have not ridden yet. The question is: what changes, if any, have occurred, to achieve green sticker status and will performance be effected. The dealers are all with KTM Aug, 25 so there is not a tremendous amount of info yet.

What I have been told thus far is, (a) nothing has been changed because the bike was already close enough to meet emissions. (:) It has been rejetted with no changes to performance. One thing of interest is no smog gear of any kind has been added, this was reported by the senior Tech at the dealership.

Another point of interest, I weigh 250lbs so I will be definately be respringing the front and rear. The stock springs can't supply the sag preferred by

KTM for someone of my weight.

I will be following up with more riding and performance details in the nearn future.

Any feedback on any of the above topics or any info on fine tuning 520 EXC's would be greatly appreciated.


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