High Idle Problem

I'am a new pig owner 2001 xr650r. My ? is where to start on this problem. The bike is getting stuck on a high idle 95% of the time. If I blip the throttel it will usually drop to a normal idle. Please Start with the easys fix first Thank you from Michigan

Check the tension on the throttle cables. The pull cable should have a little bit of slack in it with the throttle closed. The push cable should have enough slack in it to close the carb fully, but not so much as to "bow" the cable when the throttle is fully closed. I would bet on the push being out of adjustment. Hope this helps.

You might want lube the throttle cables also and make sure the throttle tube is turning easily........ :D

Verify the throttle return is properly working. If it is and you're still having this issue, then you may have an intake leak (between the carb & cylinder) or more likely too lean of pilot jet and or fuel screw adjustment.

I had a similar problem with mine, and for some reason jetting fixed it :D

then again, it could have been one of any number of other things I did at the same time as the major jet job.

I had the same problem when I jammed the cables under the tank. Free play was fine but they were binding, you have to be sure they are routed correclty.

where in michigan?

Did you try turning the idle down?

Throttle cable tension is a big part of it, but there is very likely a jetting problem. If checking the cables doesnt get you any closer to solving the problem, then have the carb checked out. I would have a jet kit put in it anyway, you will get better throttle response and power out of it. Factory Pro Tuning makes one of the best kits out there. Dyno Jet has one but sometimes they require weird mods to the carb to install it. Good luck with getting the problem fixed.

Port Huron I forgot to say the piggy has been uncorked

Seems I heard something about slighly tight intake valves will cause the hanging idle problem. Anyone know more about this?

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