save your right to ride on federal land

I encourage everyone here to join the ARRA, American's for Responsible Recreational Access organization and send letters through their site (very easy) to the polititions that are making important decisions about our access to federal land.

-Matt Nelson

PS Sorry if this is too political for this site, I just thought it was relevant.

Just my opinion, but i feel it very much belongs as a topic on all message boards like this.

Everybody who enjoys our sport should do their part by making their voices heard.

One good way of doing this is to use the pre-written E-Mails on good sites like this to let our elected officials know that our opinions matter and recreational use of public land for motorized recreation should be supported.

It only takes a minute and is very easy.

Another good site to do this is the AMA home page.

Everyone needs to keep in mind that plans like Clinton & Gore's "Wilderness Lite" are not dead, they are still being pushed VERY hard by special interest groups.

Like I said, just my opinion.


Joe Bohazi

'01 520 EXC, '99 640 LC4, '00 ZX-12R, '01 ZRX1200R

If In Doubt "Gas It"

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