New 520 pilot!

Picked up a new 520 MXC on Saturday. Only one quick (30 mile) ride so far, riding easy for break in. Even going easy I could tell this thing is going to rip! It's deceptive how fast your going, I was used to my YZ400F...lots of noise and commotion...this thing is STEALTHY....BIG, QUIET and FAST :-) I was heading home on a BLM road, after running part of an old D-37 Euro Scramble course by Red Mountain and I'll bet it was doing 70 at half throttle in 6th! Man I love a 6 speed gear box! AND THE BUTTON!!!! I can't wait for D-37 to start racing again in September! Only thing I can see adding is getting a mount and bolting up my Scott's dampner....and maybe another tank, the stock tank is WIDE!....oh, and a skid plate...and hand guards...More toy shopping!

Okay fellow RFS pilots, I read the manual, but what things should I really pay attention too for this bike to live a long happy life? Looking for any set up, care and feeding or common problems. Any tips on brands/sources for skid plates, hand guards, etc...

Ride fast, Ride safe,



I have a deposit down at five different dealers for a 02 520 EXC. Have to wait and see.



'02 Bikes are here! You going to duel sport it? I'll bet you get a call shortly...check your email :D

TBob thank's for the links :)

Lucky for me the owner of the shop replaced the hose clamps and blue loctighted a few of the bolts. He did warn me to keep an eye on the rear sprocket bolts! Amazing a dealer that really pays attention to detail during bike set up! :D


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

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Chris: try this link

look in the ktm tech section

400KTM Pilot

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