6 speed trans for 2007 wr450f

I wish my 400 had a sixth gear! I dual sport my bike all the time on fire roads and two tracks and dirt roads etc. For trails it is great with my 15/49 gearing, but I always want to shift again when I'm running 60 or 70 mph. It just feels like it needs another gear to hum along, instead of running half to three quarters throttle. I could gear it higher, but when I get into tight single track, it is as tall as I want to go, in some places I wouldn't mind having lower gearing, but then the street would be worse.

now that's a fantastic idea. :D

the jetting juggle gets old

That might be getting close, considering the new Raptor 700 is fuel injected.

I just took a trip to Colorado, and took my WR450 with me. Our ride went from 6500 to 12,500 feet (covered that in an afternoon - very steep riding).

Unless I want to tear the bike down and rejet on the trail, there is no way to jet the bike for that kind of riding - its too wide of a transisition. Fuel injection would be nice.

Cannondale was on the right track. I have a feeling their bike was ahead of it's time but it's one of those things that takes off a few years after the origional goes bankrupt.

Cannondale was on the right track.

ya but the bikes couldn't even make it around a motocross track with out braking down let alone doing a 200km mountain ride :D

Simon if you're willing to pay "1000+$ for a 6speed trans" why wouldn't you consider an auto clutch like the Rekluse for alot less. It makes a world of difference on the trails here.

i fully disagree. i would never run an auto clutch. i have tired them and i hate them.

Well I think thats the first time I've heard of someone who has actually tried an Auto clutch and has used the word "hate" in their opinion of the auto clutch. I don't think I've come across anyone who has had any negative comments. Why would you dis-like it so much?

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