Aftermarket clutches used with a Rekluse

Has anybody tried using an aftermarket clutch with a Rekluse?

I just smoked my clutch last weekend and I want to get a Rekluse. Rockymountain has a complete Tusk clutch for $35 as opposed to an OEM clutch through Bikebandit for about $160.

I'm concerned that the Rekluse was designed around the stock clutch and might not work with the Tusk clutch.

Also, does anybody know where I might get a better deal on a yamaha OEM clutch if the Tusk clutch doesn't work with the Rekluse?



I think the Tusk clutch will work fine. Once the Rekluse is set up perfectly, it is actually easier on the fiber plates then a manual clutch. BTW I have White Brother's plates in mine and my fiancee's 250F has a Rekluse with Ferodo plates in it, they both work fine.

Thanks for the reply!

I was thinking that as long as the install gap is set correctly, it should work. However, I've never installed a Rekluse clutch so I'll guess I'll find out. For $35 for the Tusk clutch, it's worth it to see if it works.

You are right, if the installed gap is correct or in range, it should work great. The 35.00 is probably just the fibers, no steels.

you don't need the springs with the rekluse :D al from rekluse told me that its tough to beat the OEM yamaha stuff.


No problem using the Tusk clutch with the Rekluse. The clutch worked flawlessly with the Tusk clutch.

I have a tusk clutch in my yamaha warrior and its holding up lots better than stock clutch, i have a ebc in my other quad and tusk has lasted and preformed just as well as the EBC.

I am running a rekluse with the tusk plates on a 01 426 and it is working o.k. I am having some slipping but I think that is from the oil I was using. I ride with a couple of others with rekluse/tusk combos and they are having no problems. for 35 dollars I can go through 3 tusk sets before I even approach the cost of an oem set. :applause:

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