Problem setting shock sag

A friend has an '01 520 EXC and asked for help setting up his suspension. (He rides the thing like a bat out of hell and hasn't even touched the suspension settings. I have enough problems trying to keep up with him now.) We measured race and free sag and both were too high (120 mm RS and 40 mm FS). Obviously, the preload needs to be increased. I got out my big flathead screwdriver and and hammer to try to loosen the big locknut on the shock but it wouldn't budge. It appears that the head of the set screw on the nut is facing the airbox. Now what do we do? Remove the tank, seat, and subframe just to get to the screw? (My WR400 has two lock nuts so this kind of thing isn't a problem.)

I've got two choices now: figure out how to fix it or tell him it's hopeless and leave it the way it is. I might have a better chance of keeping up with him if we don't touch it. :)

DON"T hit it. Put the bike on the stand, remove the upper and lower bolt fron the shock and pull it out the bottom and back. It will squeeze by the tire on the right side. When off the bike adjustment is easy. When you get the spring adjusted, use a torque wrench on the pinch screw. I just spent a couple hundred bucks replacing the aluminum spanner nut, as I overtightend the pinch bolt and snapped the spanner. The shock has to be disassembled to replace the spanner nut. Be careful. Don't grease the bolts when you put them back in, just put it together clean of any dirt.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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Yes, it is much easier to take out the linkless shock from the bike than the conventional one with link. However, it is easier for me to adjust spring preload with a hammer and a long screw driver as I do not need to take the shock out. It will be ideal for me if they put two lings on a linkless shock. Why does the setscrew on the locknut always want to face the airbox, Murphy, uh?

In the KTM maintenance video tape, the KTM guy takes the shock out very easily removing only the top and bottom mounting bolts but I have to take out the rear wheel for the same thing. If not, the tire or the airbox cover interferes the way to the back or the side. I may be able to take out the shock without removing the rear wheel if it is not my bike. Hhhh...

Please note that the manuals shows the max. preload should be 10mm(min. 4mm, standard 6mm). Thus, if you can't get a proper free sag with max. 10mm preload, your friend has to change the spring itself to a harder one.

Thanks, we'll give it a try.

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