Need handlebar recommendation for tall XR600 rider

I'm 6'1" and looking for something higher than the original stock bars on a 92 XR600R. Is it better to get a higher handlebar or just spacers to raise the height of the bars?


Renthal's RC high bend, that's what I'm hangin onto, I'm 6'4"...... :D

i ran Jimmy Button Replica High (the enduro high bend) from Renthal with my standard clamps, just recently went with BRP upper triple clamp and SUB mount along with KX high bend oversized bars. The enduro high's were allright, but I'm much more pleased with the taller mount/bar combo.

I'm 6'6".

A buddy of mine uses the Answer Pro-Taper Pastrana Freestyle bend on his XR350 (real close in size to my 600). The bars requires larger clamps that raise the bar height 3/4 of an inch. He is 6'2" and they make him look real comfortable on the bike (he raves about them). The stock bars he was using before had him hunched over. I have been considering them myself (they look cool)

Magura bars are tall

I have the Pro-Taper CR High Bend with the adapter risers..they seriously rock some ass...

I second the Renthalls jimmy button bend

On my 650R I originally ran CR high Protapers. I liked this pretty well. Then I added a taller seat and a 7.0 gal IMS tank and then the CR highs just felt too low. So I switched to KX high Protapers which are only about 1/2" higher than CR highs but have about the same sweep back and feel and they were a real good improvement for me. I do think that KX highs will be too high for aggressive riders of average height but they feel fine for this 6'-0" slow old turtle.

6'2" here .. I run the CR-Hi bars, but I see Dwight recommends the 'mini-hi' or 'ATV type hi' bars for tall guys running enduro type terrain .. taller, narrower

6'4'' and I have ProTaper Fat bars ,Pastrana Free style with adaptors and I'm pretty happy , I might move them up and forward if I can find one of those adaptors .


6'-9", RC high fat bars :D

6'-9", RC high fat bars :D

you DO know you're TOO tall, dont you ?? :D

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