'01 wr426 throttle stop vs. yz?

Do a search on throttle stop - there are many posts on the subject (including 2001).

Cutting measurements reported vary - trim to get 100% opening (13-15mm if I remember correctly).

Yes a YZ stop is a perfect option. Got one in my bike plus a spare or two (I have trouble waiting).

YZ PN 5JG-14591-00-00

Adjustments - just show a little more caution when you nail the throttle :).

i've read many postings addressing the throttle stop for previous years models but nothing for the '01. do the same cutting measurements apply and is the '01 yz stop still a suitable alternative to cutting? if so, does anyone know the '01 yz stop part#?

will i have to make any carb adjustments after changing stops?


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I just finished doing the throttle stop on my 2001 WR426. There is a plastic cover ,held on by one allen screw, over the throttle mech (on the right side of the bike) that needs to be removed (which is easier to get off if you take off the coil). The throttle stop is actually threaded in from the bottom and is an allen-head screw. So, it takes about 5 minutes to get it out. I completely removed it and put a small amount of clear silicon sealer in the hole to keep crap out. Works like a charm... :)

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