KTM popularity

I have been the market for a new bike since I got smoked in a European Scrambles on my XR 400 a few weeks ago. A 4 kick start and falling over (I am getting pretty old) a couple of times and watching people pass me while I try to start my bike, didn't help.

In reading posts for the other thumpers, and talking with a few friends, it sounds like the KTM is a much better bike than anything else out there. The only agreed upon and significant negative I have seen is price. Is this a case where you get what you pay for?


T Martin

You most definetly get what you pay for. I just got a 02 520, and the quality of the bike of great. The suspension is A1 as are the rest of the coponents.

I will keep this bike for years, as I doubt that any new models will be much better, for me anyway.

And the RFS motors are intoxicating!

All the fast guys in D37 are running them...I hear they work realllllly well in the Ridgecrest area. :)


Chris in the Mojave

'01 520 MXC

'01 200 MXC

'00 CR250R

'01 KX85


I use to have KTM's and believe me you get what you pay for right down to the nuts and bolts. I have a Yamaha now and am finding soft(lower grade)metal used everywhere. If you read the other discussion boards, they are all buying new products for their bikes, ie bars, sprockets etc. that comes stock on the KTM's. I love my WR, but I know KTM is the better bike.

Preach on KTM brothers! Spread the good word of the KTM and the Japanese-mounted riders will surely find the promised land!

Yup, you get what you pay for. Even on my now old school LC4 bike. Compare my 1995 EXC to a 1995 XR 600 and there was a major difference, even back then.


1995 EXC 400

AMA Dist 37

02 520 EXC (soon)

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