Aftermarket Clutch lever? Flanders?

Well my new toy got Christened yesterday. I'd been out on a trail ride with the Wife, son and a couple of friend. I start an oil change on our 200MXC...Wife asks "mind" if I take the 520 our for a try?" We live on the edge of BLM land so it's not an issue...Her and the boy head out for a quick 5 minute spin...well just as I'm getting worried (15 minutes) I hear the bikes coming back....she's VERY dusty...anyway she got racing with the boy and lit the 520...power sliding it like she does her 200...well she WHACKED it wide open....after the Wheelie and 180 it spit her off high side. She's a little banged up but okay...Long story to say...

I need a new clutch lever and I'd rather not get the $70 KTM part....I'd heard there were aftermarket one's out there...



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Glad to hear the wife didn't get hurt too badly. The more I hear about this bike the more anxious I get. $70 for a clutch lever? This is a typo, right?


T Martin

I've seen posts stating that after applying an aftermarket clutch lever that there were some leaking issues. Not sure if this is coincidental, but something to investigate! The good news is that you don't have to replace any parts on the wife! :)

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Umm, just get a set of Acerbis Rally or Rally Pro hand guards.

Hmm, worked for me many times.



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Flanders does make a lever for the 520. MSR has it for about $10. I would recommend not using the Flanders adjuster however. The end nut can come lose and allow the adjuster screw to puncture the bladder. If the stock is not damaged I would use it instead. I think e-line and some other manufacturers make alluminum replacements for about $40 also. I did burn a couple before buying Acerbis guards. Since then I have not had a problem.

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